Discount Price G603 Granite Stone

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Discount Price G603 Granite Stone

keywords:Discount Price G603 Granite Stone

Also known as: G3503 / G603 / China White White (Mountain White Crystal Gray)

Material: granite

Color: white  G603 Granite Stone

Origin: China Fujian Jinjiang

Discount Price G603 Granite Stone

Rock features: Granular in. Snow White granite (Granular in. Snow White granite)

Field of use: indoor and outdoor decoration. Components. Garden outdoor material (Indoor and outdoor decoration. Component. Garden outdoor material)

Rock density (B.D): 2.65 g / cm3

Water absorption (W.A): 0.33%

Shore hardness (S.H): 92.6

Flexural strength (M.R): 15.8 Mpa

Compressive strength (C.S): 156.6 Mpa

Wear resistance: 0.84 g / cm2

Loss on ignition: 0.20 TiO2: 0.35 MnO: 0.04 FeO: 7.76

Fe2O3: 3.08 K2O: 3.14 MgO: 0.62 CaO: 3.33 Al2O3: 15.48 SiO2: 70.11

Granite plate standard

B191 packaging storage and transportation icon

CB9966.l natural decorative stone test method dry, water saturation, freeze-thaw cycle after the compression strength test method

Test method for natural facing stone - Test method for bending strength GB / T

GB9966.3 day hot finish stone test method bulk density, true density, true porosity, water absorption test method

Test method for natural facing stone - Test method for specular gloss

Second technical requirements

The thickness of the plate is less than or equal to 15mm, the thickness of the same plate allows a very poor l. 5mmt plate thickness greater than 15mm, with a plate on the thickness of the allowable difference of 3.0mm.

Discount Price G603 Granite Stone


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supplementInfo1:Granite wool board specifications are what

supplementInfo2:Stone general block size to 600 or 800 integer times rely on, such as: 1200mm *

supplementInfo3:600mm (length * width), 1800mm * 600mm, 2400mm * 600mm and so on. Mainly to see

supplementInfo4:Huangliao into a material, can cut how big, there are 2400 * 3200 large board.

supplementInfo5:Depending on what kind of specific, in order to know what the specifications can be.

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