G343 Granite

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G343 Granite

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G343 granite Tile & Slab

"Lu gray" trademark is registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark, is unique and unique, because of origin in Shandong (province) "gray" so called "gray", the export code: G3743. And the most high- quality gray gravel material from the lime stone Co., Ltd. Surabaya County Mine No. 13 mine mouth (industry known as the "county mine"), Lu gray fire burning surface color gray, polished black and gray, small particles, dense texture , Is a series of granite, Mohs hardness of 7.6, the density of 2.73 tons / cubic, acid and alkali, small radiation. Source of origin in Jining, Shandong Surabaya. The real "gray" there is no one, two, and so on.

G343 granite surface can be processed into a flamed surface, Bushhammered surface, natural surface, polished surface, antique surface, sandblasting surface, the cut planing surface. "Lu gray" source for the Surabaya, the exploration of the total reserves of 4 billion cubic meters, the annual mining capacity of 30 million cubic meters, Lu gray stone is now widely used in the external wall hanging, interior decoration, surface pavement, US monument, export countertops, cuttings can be used for curbs. The use of "Lu gray" stone decoration of the Bird's Nest, Water Cube project, Mission Central Office Building, Jinan Administration Center, China Eastern Electric Group Research Building, the Belgian Embassy in Japan, etc. Project received good reputation from all walks of life. "Lu gray" products sell well in Taiwan, Japan, and Europe and the United States.

G343 Granite Details:

A)Color: white nature stone color.

B)Applied: Interior walls, countertops, outdoor walls, outdoor flooring Indoor metope, stage face plate, outdoor metope, ground outdoor 

C)All standard dimensions are available Can be made according to customer's requirements 

D)Finish: Polish, bush hammered, sawn, sand blast 

E)Packing: Inner packing: Plastic film and foam. Outer packing: Wooden crate with fumigation. Seaworthy Professional wooden crate packing 

F)Payment: L/C at sight or T/T. 

G)Delivery Time: Depend on the quantity, usually is 15-20days per 20' container

All kinds of nature colors:

1. Sample available 

2. Timely delivery 

3. High quality control 

4. Can be used for floor tile, wall cladding, sinks, countertop, vanity top, etc. 

5. Supply you marble,slate,sandstone,limestone,etc.

Our Advantage: 

1). We have more than13~year production experience, professional knowledge for the construction stone. 2). Advanced machine tools and qualified personnel. 

3). We can supply you any colors of granite and marble 

4). Strict quality control. All PCS will be double checked by our inspectors. 

5). Excellent working environment, convenient transportation to China port. 

6). Attend different kinds of Stone Fair every year 

G343 Granite

G343 Granite

G343 Granite

G343 Granite

G343 Granite

G343 Granite

G343 Granite

More important:

How to maintain granite?

Many people may think that the conservation of granite is very complicated and the cost will be high. In fact, the maintenance of granite is very simple, almost do not have too much thought, ask very little, do not even need any preventive measures. The infiltration of grease or residual traces is the greatest killer of the granite, but this will only happen when the granite is not waxed, or the grease or residual oil traces into the granite, wiping it overnight or for a long time. If the granite is darkened or shiny due to the infiltration of oil or grease, it can remove the stains with some creamy cleansers to restore the luster to the granite surface.

Conservation and prevention

Granite desktop with a mat to put the bottle on top, especially with a bottle of wine or citrus juice. Many of our common things are drinks containing acidic substances that will corrode the surface of these stones.

Do not put very hot items directly on the surface of granite furniture. Hot plates should be cushioned to put on porcelain, pottery, silverware or other things that may scratch the surface of the furniture to use a three-foot iron frame or mat.

Water and stains

If there is any dirt, please wipe dry with paper immediately. If you do not dry immediately, the stain will spread. First scrub with mild soap, then rinse with water several times, and finally wipe with a soft cloth.If necessary, then scrub several times repeatedly. If the stain is still there, it is necessary to use other methods to clear.


Any interest just feel free to contact us,we will warmly service for you 7*24 Hours,(*^__^*) 

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