G350 granite

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G350 granite

keywords:G350 granite

Item: G350 granite slab

Colors: Yellow

Finished: Polished,honed,flamed,bushhammered,sandblasted, chiseled, natural split,tumbled,pineapple,etc.

Production: tile,slab,kerbstone,cube stone, paving stone, countertop.












Packaging Details:

Strong fumigated wooden pallets for export

For tiles: Fumigated strong wooden crate outside, reinforced with metal strap

For slabs:

Seaworthy fumigated strong wooden bundle

Shipping: Our professional service team in China can provide FCL & LCL shipping service with competitive cost. 

G350 Polished Slab:

G350 granite

G350 granite tile:

G350 granite

G350 granite, the quality of it, surface finish, corrosion-resistant acid and alkali, hardness density, high iron content, non-radioactive, noble colors, a kind of yellow ash, scattered ash point, and the color comparison Yellow so called golden hemp. Hemp Shandong best known.

English name: Gold Ma

Origin: Yantai, Shandong, China, 


Granite structure is compact, hard texture, acid, weather resistance, long-term use outdoors. Excellent quality, high surface finish, corrosion-resistant acid and alkali, hardness density, high iron content, non-radioactive, noble color, yellowish gray, scatter ash point, Surface effects - Polishing, matte, fine grinding, fire, waterjet and sandblasting. Generally used for the ground, steps, pedestals, stepping, cornices, etc., used for indoor and outdoor wall surface, floor, cylinder decoration, etc.

Produced in Shandong Yantai compared to the color of gold produced in Hubei more vivid, higher hardness, more wear-resistant. However, due to the gradual depletion of the yellow gold hemp mine in Shandong in recent years, while the gold mined ore has just been mined in Hubei, the market is dominated by gold and linen in Hubei.


Gold Ma stone is made of natural culture stone after processing, with natural materials, shiny crystal, hard and permanent, elegant, frost resistance. Stone in the wet state, can resist freeze-thaw without significant damage. The compressive strength of the gold hemp may vary depending on such factors as mineral composition, crystal thickness, uniformity of cementing material, load area, load angle and cleavage. If the other conditions are the same, dense materials, usually with fine crystalline grains and bonded to each other, have higher strength. The structure of the golden hemp compact, hard texture, acid, weather resistance, long-term use outdoors.


High load capacity, compressive strength and good grinding ductility, it is easy to cut, shape, you can create a thin plate and so on. The yellow and green mahogany stone can make the building appear simple and natural, solemn and luxurious, greatly improving the grade of the building. It can be processed into various shapes by various processes and used for the decoration of the inner and outer walls, floors, countertops and the like of the building. Dignified and rich decorative wealth, magnificent, known as "Golden House," said.

G350 granite

G350 granite

G350 granite block in factory:

G350 granite

G350 granite

G350 granite

G350 granite

G350 granite

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